Fury over real police uniform being sold on Facebook after Sarah Evera…

Facebook is selling genuine police gear on its Marketplace including hats, jumpers and badges sparking concern following killer cop Wayne Couzens’ abduction and murder of Sarah Everard

Facebook is selling genuine police gear online including jumper, jackets and badges

Genuine police uniforms are being sold on Facebook sparking worry in light of Wayne Couzens’ murder conviction.

Confidence in the police has been hit by the horrific way that Couzens abused his role as a police officer to rape and kill Sarah Everard.

Now it has emerged that police gear like that used by Couzens can be bought online.

Facebook in addition as other online buying sites are selling police uniforms for punters, it is reported.

Met Police hats are being advertised for £20 via Facebook Marketplace or a Devon and Cornwall Police jacket is obtainable for £120, it is reported.

Wayne Couzens’s abduction and murder of Sarah Everard has harmed trust in the police force for some people



Police gear is obtainable online with hats costing just £20



Similarly there is a Greater Manchester Police helmet badge on sale for £35 or a police jumper with ID number which on the market for £80, The Sun reports.

Former Met officer Peter Bleksley reportedly said the trade in police uniforms was a “disgrace”.

Sarah Everard was abducted and killed after Couzens used a warrant card and now police forces around the country have moved to try and reassure the public whose faith in the police may have been shaken.

Police Scotland have now said that members of the public can request a control room check over being detained.

It said that there was “understandable public concern” following the actions of Couzens.

Sarah Everard was abducted and killed after Couzens used a warrant card



Under the new protocol, officer’s personal radio will be put on loudspeaker so that control room staff can confirm who the officer claims to be.

Then the control room will create an incident number which can be displayed on the officer’s mobile phone or radio as confirmation.

Couzens has been sentenced to a whole life sentence after targeting Ms Everard, 33, on a street in south London in March.

MirrorOnline has contacted Facebook for comment.

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