Fundraising in Direct Sales

Fundraising in Direct Sales

Holding a fundraiser as a direct sales distributor is an excellent way to find new customers and possibly already a new distributor.

Fundraisers are a win-win for both sides. The group or organization raises funds and you find folks who like, use and buy your products.

It is always my suggestion that you start with small, local organizations. You’ll find more sustain, have a way to work one-on-one with the group and you’ll begin to build a local client base.

If you have business cards, add the phrase “Fundraising Expert” or “Ask Me About Fundraisers” alongside your name and phone number. This lets anyone holding your card know that they can raise funds by you.

Prepare a packet to give to possible groups and organizations. Your packet should contain an introduction letter, an earnings sample chart, a catalog, a business card and any flyers you plan on giving to the fundraising participants. For example, I give the following letter to all participants to show to those who might make a buy:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for considering a buy with Tupperware products. The money we raise from this fundraiser will be used to _______________________. Our goal is to raise $______. We hope to make this buy by ___________.

I fill in the blanks based on information I collect from the group and then on each catalog I important a copy of this form.

As you begin hosting fundraisers, collect testimonials from the groups. Include copies of these testimonials in the packet you prepare. If you personally have never done a fundraiser, ask your upline if he/she has a testimonial they can provide to you that shares the company experience. It’s always wonderful to read that another organization was pleased with the company products and service.

If your company does not offer a fundraising program, create your own. If you earn 30% commission on sales, consider giving the group 20% for their fundraising efforts. This allows 10% of the sales commission to be used to buy the supplies you’ll provide the group. Remember this is not a moneymaker for you, but rather a moneymaker for the group and a way for you to find new customers.

At the close of the fundraiser, prepare a thank you form that will go into each order. Your thank you should be very simple and say “Thank you for your product buy. If you have any questions or comments about the products you can reach me at ________. If you would like to make an additional buy or receive information about selling ____ I would be happy to help you” Then sign your name.

If you are having the orders direct shipped to the organization or to the individual customers, consider sending out a personal thank you via postal mail.

Begin marketing fundraisers and watch your sales increase and your team grow.

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