Frozen Rain Leaves Behind Icy Mess in Maine – NECN

Mainers are salting and sanding their way out of an icy day.

From Biddeford and Berwick to Portland, Augusta and Bangor, hundreds of businesses, schools and other workplaces were closed Wednesday.

The ice reduced speeds on the Maine Turnpike for part of the morning and clung to trees and sidewalks in Greater Portland into Wednesday night.

“I’d rather have 20 below and wind blowing than this stuff,” said Roy Willey of Westbrook, explaining that he used to often work outside and “these are the days I’d mind it because you can’t get warm.”

The ice also forced a number of people to persevere long periods of time scraping glazed-over car windshields and windows.

Avoid leaving these five items in your car when the temperature dips below halting.

Mohamed Mohamed of Auburn was in Portland on Wednesday and found himself in that exact situation.

“It’s terrible, I didn’t expect it, honestly,” he said.

Fortunately one place with minimal impact given Christmas travel was the Portland International Jetport.

Only a few flights were cancelled there on Wednesday.

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