Five Great Benefits of Cedar Mulch

Five Great Benefits of Cedar Mulch

There are several different forms of mulch. One of the most shared forms is cedar mulch. It has several advantages when you compare it with the other forms. A few of these advantages are nutrients, the affect on insects and stability. In this article, you will learn more about the many advantages of this form of mulch.

• Insects: One of the main advantages when it comes to cedar mulch is the effect it has on insects. Many of the organic mulch types attract insects such as crickets, roaches and termites. This mulch has a natural aroma that helps to ward off several different types of insects. Generally, most insects would rather not live in the cedar mulch due to its smell. Furthermore, this mulch will help to control the temperature.

• Temperature: The color of this mulch is naturally light. This light color helps to continue the temperature surrounding the plants. The mulch protects these plants from extreme temperatures that have an effect on the ground surrounding the plants. This method that the plants will stay cool throughout the summer months and won’t freeze throughout the winter months.

• Stability: Another fantastic advantage is the stability that it offers the plants. Bark mulch is rather bulky and can be washed away pretty easily by the heavy rain. The cedar mulching is applied into small bits. These small pieces will then lock together to form a thick, thick mat. This helps the mulch stay in its place when it encounters a heavy rain or wind. Not only are this mulch stable but it also helps to control the weeds.

• Weeds: This mulch is a great choice when it comes to protecting your plants against weeds. It suppresses the weeds that have already grown by not giving them the sunlight they need to grow. It doesn’t allow the seed to germinate if the mulch is applied thorough enough. As mentioned above, the mulch has a natural fragrance. This fragrance is another reason that prevents the weeds from germinating.

• Nutrients: One of the last benefits of this mulch is the nutrient that it provides for your plants. As stated earlier, the mulch is shredded. This allows the mulch to decompose rather quickly. When it decomposes, it supplies organic matter in the soil to make it richer.

Applying the Cedar Mulching to the Flower Beds for Perennials

Cedar mulching can be great when it comes to using it during winter to protect your perennial flowers. However, using it can be done the right way or the wrong way. By using it the wrong way, you are causing more damage than protection. I am including a few tips to help you apply your cedar mulch the correct way for optimum winter protection.

You want to apply your cedar mulch after you have had 2 or 3 days of continued halting temperatures. When you apply the cedar mulch, you want to spread 4 to 5 inches to allow optimum protection. You should remove your mulch in the early spring. Start to little by little pull away the mulch from the perennials so you don’t suffocate them.

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