EDB File May Get Damaged on Compressed NTFS quantity

EDB File May Get Damaged on Compressed NTFS quantity


The disk compression, as the name indicates, is a method of reducing the needed disk space for a specific hard excursion quantity, folder or file. The compression, which is easy to reach and done on the NTFS (New Technology File System) file system volumes, is known as NTFS compression. NTFS file system allows you to compress files, folder and hard excursion quantity for decreasing the requirement of hard excursion space. But in some situations, compressing a hard excursion quantity on which Server is installed may cause EDB (Exchange  Database) corruption and results into data loss. In such case, carrying out EDB Recovery becomes the need of hour.

Bad effects of NTFS file system quantity compression have been observed with respect to Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store that is the repository of all the user mailboxes and basic data. The Information Store Service is the chief part of MSExchange Server, but NTFS compressed partition might damage it. Information Store corruption particularly when the size of compressed quantity exceeds 4 GB.

–    A number of users/clients log onto  Server at the same time. This configuration helps various user requests and writer and consequently shouldn’t be merged in NTFS compressed partition. The compressed volumes can not manager heavy write traffic for the compression and consequently does not sustain heavily loaded servers.

–      MS Exchange Server writes all of the data to log files before writing it to disk as it supports transaction logging. If you’ve configured it to store files on compressed NTFS quantity and Exchange Server alters data by mapped section in compressed file, the corruption might occur.

–    Insufficient CPU (Central Processing Unit) capacity might cause problems to EDB file, if Exchange Server is deploying compressed NTFS volumes.

In any of such situations, if EDB file gets damaged, you need to opt for EDB Repair solutions. It is best possible with the help of third party software, known as EDB Recovery software.

These software are particularly designed to examine complete database and extract all of its far away objects like emails, notes, contacts, calendar, responsibilities and personal folders. Repair software are quite easy to use and do no require sound and prior technical skills to unprotected to absolute recovery. With read only and non destructive design, these software are completely safe to use.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is the best ever made and the most progressive EDB recovery software. It works well with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2000 and 5.5. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003, XP and 2000. The software has self-descriptive user interface.

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