Dragon and Phoenix Symbol Meaning in Feng Shui

Dragon and Phoenix Symbol Meaning in Feng Shui

In China, dragon symbolizes the emperor and phoenix symbolizes the empress. These two popular celestial animals are regarded as a perfect associate in Feng Shui. The dragon represents the Yang (or the male) and the phoenix represents the Yin (or the female). The dragon-phoenix symbol is produced for the hope that the associate’s love and passion will last till the end and they will stay together by thick and thin. This is also to ensure that the associate would be blessed with both matriarch and patriarch luck and noticeable achievement in life.

Phoenix is regarded as the goddess of all the winged creatures. This heavenly bird will harvest wealth, success and opportunity luck. When displayed alone (without the dragon), it will give the ‘Yang’ energy. The phoenix bird is believed to be capable of turning bad luck into good luck. According to feng shui masters, the appropriate place to characterize phoenix is in the South part of your house.

Dragon is one of the most popular mythological creature with a long and high history. Nobody knows for sure when this animal originated but many people think it was during the time of the Yellow Emperor. There was a snake on his coat-of-arms and he would add the symbol from the opponent’s coat-of-arms to his own every time he won a battle. That’s how the dragon we know came to be made up of so many different creatures. In feng shui, dragon statues, paintings or pictures are usually placed in the eastern areas of the house. Some feng shui masters also suggest that the image of the dragon should not be too fierce with its mouth widely open because it looks like a “hungry” dragon which may gives bad energy.

Placing dragon-phoenix in the Northwest corner of a living room will magnify Patriarch luck while placing the symbol in the Southwest corner of a living room will magnify Matriarch luck and also to favor love and relationship. If you seek good health, knowledge, achievement, fame, strength, advancement, knowledge and position for the whole family, you can place it at the east of your living room. For people in the politics, showbiz or craving for popularity and fame, place this symbol in the south corner of the house and let lights shine on it. Bachelor men and women who seek for love and marriage should place the dragon-phoenix symbol in your ‘nien yen’ direction according to your kua number.

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