Don’t Buy Handy Home Sheds Until You Read This

Don’t Buy Handy Home Sheds Until You Read This

What are handy home sheds? These are ready to assemble discarded kits that come with all the needed supplies for you to put together. Handy Home is company that specializes in storage and recreation solutions. They are well known providers of quality sheds, which is built to resist already strong winds and extreme weather conditions.

There are a lot of handy home sheds to suit at all event kind of taste you want.

One of the sheds that have made them stand out from the competition is their solar sheds. The current state of the ecosystem today has forced a lot of businesses to adapt and offer economical products to consumers. Solar sheds are used as storage space, and more popularly as a greenhouse. The Phoenix Solar discarded already comes with a pre-assembled door that measures 32″ W x 6′ H. A standard unit also includes tempered glass, windows, four adjustable vents and an aluminum roof. It measures 6′ high on the eave wall with a 9′ high peak. Optional products such as solar shades, cedar bench, windows and strength ventilation are also obtainable. You can paint or stain it however you want for a custom look. You can find the 10′ x 8′ Phoenix Solar discarded kit for sale in Walmart for around $1,800.

Other people use their handy home sheds as storage rooms or utility sheds. Handy Home offers two collections for their storage buildings. The first one is called the Marco Series, which comes in a smaller size and has a gable style head. It features factory treated and primed wood siding, precut wooden floors, pre-hung doors, heavy-duty swivel hasp and galvanized steel hinges. It retails for about $899 – $999. The Premier Series offers much bigger storage space and obtainable in both gable and gambrel designs. The Berkley Storage discarded, which is part of the Premier collection, retails at $3,099.99. The overall dimensions are 120″ H x 96″ W x 120″ D. It features a lot more than the Marco series including flexible door location and keyed locks. You can find both the series obtainable in Walmart. Other styles for the Premier Series are Somerset, Columbia and Sequoia.

Outdoor handy home sheds can also be used as a as a hobby place for your kids. Having a wooden playhouse outside your backyard can take their mind off watching TV or surfing the internet. This is a more creative and constructive way of recreation. The Hampton Chalet playhouse features pre-cut wooden floors, factory primed siding, aluminum windows with screens and strong 2 x 4 construction. You can use it as a playhouse in addition as storage space for some of your children’s toys and play things. The overall dimensions of the playhouse are 96″ W x 96″ D x 116″ H. You can add shutters, window trims and flowerboxes for more character. Painting it with fun and bright colors would also make it more attractive and alluring to your children. You can find this obtainable in Walmart for $1,699.99.

Although these handy home sheds are a bit more expensive than other standard sheds or DIY kits, you can be guaranteed that the discarded will be lasting and strong. If this is your first time putting up an outdoor discarded, you might need a few hands to help you out as it can be challenging for a beginner.

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