Defining Clairvoyant Readers

Defining Clairvoyant Readers

Have you ever wondered why some people seem more intuitive – or psychic – than others? And, why is it that some clairvoyant readings seem more apt for some people than others?

Defining ability
Psychic abilities are usually discussed within spiritual realms instead of science, although it does seem that some people are more ‘connected’ in terms of psychic ability. However, there is a problem here and once which cannot be easily rectified – how can we prove that one person posses more psychic ability than another?

Can we measure it?
Looking in to the future or analysing the past is not an exact science – some see it as someone making a series of ‘good guesses’ that just happen to hit the identify. Various tests have been developed over the years but very few people with perceived psychic ability have scored any better on these tests that those without. However, when asked to read the past, future or present situation for someone, these people have an uncanny ability to predict or pinpoint precisely the issues.

Instinct or biological?
Over the years the argue, no matter what new thoughts have been born, comes back complete course of action to the discussion that some people seem to be born psychic. This can also be referred to intuition – the ability to ‘know’ when something is right or wrong. Animals have an intuition that is as strong today as it was back in ancestral times – that is, to survive. Over the years, modernity has weakened intuition in humans and now we are guided to love someone by love instead of ‘is this the best person to continue my bloodline with’. Some people, however, appear to have kept this intuition, possessing ability, akin to psychic ability to help and guide people in their lives.

Looking in the wrong place?
Scientists – and sceptics – may be looking in the wrong place. We assume the psychic ability and clairvoyant readings refer to one thing – predicting the future. Rarely, those possessing a keen intuition and psychic ability are able to locate a medical complaint in someone they do not know. They may, however, be able to suggest there is an issue with someone they are familiar with. This is not just familiarity but is also a way of ‘tuning in’ to the vibrations from the human soul.

Having a clairvoyant reading is important for some people, with the information they gain from these sessions being used to inform the decisions the make and the actions they take. No clairvoyant works in a void; they need feedback (verbal and vibration, or body language) as to the messages that they are receiving are of value to person seeking answers.

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