Credit Score and Mortgages – Ways To Get A Higher Score

Credit Score and Mortgages – Ways To Get A Higher Score

Credit Score Basics

Your credit score is something you can see on your credit report. You will typically have three different credit scores on your credit report. This is one score from each of the three different credit bureaus.

These credit bureaus collect information from all of your different creditors and assign you a credit score.

Mortgage lenders usually use your middle (“mid-score”) of the three credit score as part of your mortgage application. Usually your three credit scores are usually quite similar, but sometimes they can be very different.


Your credit report will list bad debts and collections.

The more you have of these, and the more you owe on these, the lower your credit score is likely to be.

When you review a copy of your credit report you may see creditor names that you do not recognize who claim that you owe them money.

These unfamiliar names are usually the names of collections companies you have purchased your bad debt from your original creditors. For example, an unpaid cell phone bill may be sold off to a collection agency.

Your credit report will usually contain the account number, phone number, and address of each of your creditors.

You can contact them to resolve your disputes.

Either you will need to pay off bad old debts or convince the creditor that these are in error.

Either way you will need to resolve these to help enhance your credit. You will usually receive a written confirmation from the creditor when an issue is resolves. You can submit this documentation to credit bureaus to make sure your credit report is updated and your credit score improved.

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