Countrywide Mortgage Online Payment Plans – Making Payments the Fast and Easy Way

Countrywide Mortgage Online Payment Plans – Making Payments the Fast and Easy Way

When looking for a mortgage company you cannot go wrong with Countrywide Financial, a tried and true company that has been in existence since 1969. Countrywide Financial is considered to be America’s number 1 mortgage lender company. Countrywide financial online offers a variety of online mortgage loans, such as: home equity loans, refinancing loans, consolidation of debts loans, and reverse mortgage loans.

You may be a first time homeowner or you may want to buy a bigger home than you have right now. You may own a single home or a multi-unit dwelling. Either way you will be concerned about your payments and may be interested in Countrywide Mortgage Online payment information and options.

Their secured website will assist you with you equity or home equity line of credit Countrywide Mortgage online payment. In this day and age with identity theft a concern, all citizens must make sure that any website they visit has a good firewall and are hacker protected. You can rest assured that your personal financial information will not be viewed by anyone not associated with the actual processing of your Countrywide Mortgage online payment.

With the Countrywide Mortgage online payment plans you will nevertheless have the flexibility to make payments that suit your living style and rare needs. You can make payments large enough to save you great amounts of money in interest payments, make additional payments at your convenience to pay off your loan faster, or have your payment drafts occur in concert with your paychecks.

PayPlan/12 will allow you the comfort of knowing that you do not have to go to a financial institution to make a special Countrywide Mortgage online payment. This online plan is programmed to take the payment directly out of your checking or savings account on the date that you specify. If you select a date that is within the first seven days of your payment grace period there will be no charge for this service, however a fee of $2.00 or $4.00 will be applied for chosen dates after a week into the grace period. All payments must be confined to the grace period that you may have opted for to use this service.

PayPlan/24 gives you the option to select a bi-monthly Countrywide Mortgage online payment plan. Smaller payments may fit better with your lifestyle needs. There is a 4.00 fee for this service and is not obtainable for Home Equity plans.

PayPlan/26 will automatically take a payment from your account every two weeks, since as there are 26 two-week periods in a year. Since this payment plans will deduct an amount equal to 13 payments in a 12-month period, the additional month payment will be applied to your principal loan amount. A fee of $4.00 per transaction will be applied. This service is offered solely for a fixed rate mortgage loan.

PayPlan/52 allows you to select weekly payment deductions. At year-end you will have made 13 months of payments and the additional month will be applied against the principal loan. A weekly fee of $2.00 will apply. This service is only obtainable on fixed rate mortgage loans.

Countrywide mortgage online payments can also be made from different financial institutions such as Quicken or Ms Money and several online banking sets such as and E-Statements are obtainable with all Countrywide Mortgage Online Payment options. They are not obtainable other traditional payment plans.

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