Coronavirus Northern Ireland: Two further deaths and 892 situations reporte…

Two further coronavirus-related deaths have been recorded in Northern Ireland on Sunday, the Department of Health has reported.

unday’s statistics average this weekend has seen three further deaths in total, with one death recorded by the department on Saturday.

Another 892 situations of coronavirus were also reported in the latest figures from the department.

The total number of deaths connected to Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic in Northern Ireland is now 2,567

The Department of Health does not release complete statistics at the weekend, instead the next complete update will be on Monday.

The latest vaccine statistics show as of noon on Sunday there have been 2,530,463 total vaccinations administered in Northern Ireland.

The Department also confirmed 5,989 third booster doses of the vaccine have been administered.

Meanwhile, immunosuppressed people in Northern Ireland are expected to be notified shortly about receiving a third measure of the vaccine, according to BBC NI.

The Department of Health told the BBC: “They will be receiving a letter shortly advising them to book online to receive the third measure.

“Those identified by GPs will be given a letter advising them to receive a third measure at a community pharmacy.”

The excursion to offer booster vaccinations to this cohort began in the Republic of Ireland last week, with older people to be offered the jabs there in the coming days.

In Northern Ireland, the department said it expected the bulk of third-measure vaccinations to happen over the next few weeks.

An estimated 900,000 people will be eligible to receive a booster jab here.

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