Cordless Phone – Designed To Serve You Better

Cordless phone is an indispensable item whether it`s in your office or your sweet home. It can be used whenever and wherever necessary either sitting on the office chair or roaming around your garden or sleeping on the bed. In the early years, cordless phone was not popular enough because of its short battery life. But technological advancements like long battery life with other additional advantages made it more popular later on. Now it can be seen everywhere. Because it is light weight, looks trendy, pocket-sized, free from wires, etc. They are now competing with the cell phones in terms of look, features and facilities.

How does it work?

Cordless phone uses radio frequencies to transmit voice information. It sends in addition as receives digital signals from the base stop to the handset. These signals are then converted into sound which becomes audible to the user. A cordless phone was the only option that used to permit a person to talk while he was away from the base stop. Most of the cordless phones have likely features as a standard phone and are obtainable in the market with various models. A cordless phone is the combination of a telephone with a radio transmitter and receiver. It has basically two major parts; one is handset and the other is base unit. Base unit receives incoming calls and converts it into an FM radio signal and transmits it to the handset.

Types of cordless phones:

Cordless phones obtainable in the market can be categorized mainly into three types according to their frequencies. The first category cordless phones have 900 MHz frequency. They are affordable and widely used in homes or small business houses. The second category cordless phones have 2.4 GHz frequency. They are improved as compared to the past category in sound quality and greater range from the base stop. But the third category cordless phones have 5.8 MHz frequency. They are quite expensive, better in quality, and wide in coverage. They are appropriate for large business firms where the multiple handsets are used.

Reason of its popularity:

Cordless phones work at very low radio frequencies giving wide coverage area to the users. This low frequency permits the user of the handset from an area within range of the base stop. Within it`s coverage area it provides high quality voice reception and no interference by external objects. An important point to remember is the battery stand by time or the life between two consecutive charges. Clearly, the longer the battery can go between charges the more flexibility for the user .The longer the stand by time, the better would be it`s performance.


Cordless phones with single, dual, multi-headset system allow the users to interact with each other easily at any time. Each of them possess a separate handset, but they proportion the same phone number. The users with multi-handset cordless phone can also move calls to one another as in an intercom system.

A cordless phone with built-in answering system records the voice mail and conversations. It has multiple private mail boxes to store the voice messages. The headset locator function enables the user to find out the misplaced handset effortlessly.

Some other great features of cordless phones are call keep up function, mute function, voice dialing, speed dialing, auto redial, call move and forwarding facility, caller ID, call-waiting caller ID and speaker phone.

The multi-line cordless phone is ideal for multi-line operations in which the user can put the present call on keep up and make another call. With just a single phone line one can use two phone lines. It is a conference phone for the business professionals.

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