Cord Blood Preservation – A Decision Guide

Cord Blood Preservation – A Decision Guide

Should we or should we not, is the question most couples ask themselves in respect of cord blood banking, during the later stages of week by week pregnancy. Among various other crucial decisions, cord blood banking might not seem to carry enough extent initially; a close look however at the various pros and cons of cord blood preservation might help informed decision making.

Few Conceptual Facts

  • Preserving stem cell cord blood in cord blood edges does not imply any additional pain or physical effort, on part of the mother or child. Pregnancy anyways is a painful course of action and no one would clearly be interested in further enhancing the pain. The umbilical blood cord, in either situation must be discarded and consequently, one certain fact related with the concept of cord blood banking is, there is no additional effort or pain. the time of action simply entails saving and storing the umbilical cord blood when the baby is born and then providing it to the baby or a family member, as per requirement.
  • There are implied benefits of cord blood preservation. Stem cell cord blood can be effectively deployed to deal with a large number of diseases and disorders like leukemia, metabolic disorders, sickle cell ailment, thalassemia, leukemia and other genetic immuno deficiencies.

    The Existing Cord Blood Banking System

  • Cord Blood Bank Implies Cost – Preserving stem cell cord blood for deployment purposes, at a later stage, entails cost of storage. It is not a free service and usually accompanies a substantial processing fee followed by large annual storage fee. The complete payment scheme works out to be on the expensive side. One might consider this as positive investment, especially considering the benefits rendered by cord blood banking, however all pockets might not have the capacity to make such extensive investments as cord blood banking.
  • Public Donation Versus Preservation For Private Use – The preserved stem cell cord blood can also be donated in public edges for general use. This in fact is one source from where many of today’s requirements are being catered.

    Week by week pregnancy is a very sensitive phase, which at every stage is faced with a new challenge. From working out the financials for the new family members, to making appropriate arrangements in the monthly schedule to follow, both mother and father keep occupied. In such times it might seem that an issue like cord blood preservation can simply wait and other concerns that are of immediate concern during the week by week pregnancy scheduler must assume priority.

    While all this is true, considering the benefits, cord blood preservation could certainly be looked into, and the associate can be counseled on whether to opt for preserving cord cells.

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