Controversial Rules in Schools

Controversial Rules in Schools

These rules are not in any particular order and are not related to any particular country. The list is more intended to make people think about how some of these rules are ridiculous.

I do surprise what these people were thinking when they came up with some of them but I’m sure it made total sense to them when they did.

Anyway, here are some of the rules I’ve found in schools which seem to hinder teaching and learning more than help in my opinion.

Overly Strict Uniform Codes

I personally think school uniforms are a thing of the past but I do understand that some schools want their students to use their uniforms.

However, some schools take things too far and punish their students for the slightest thing out of place with their uniform.

A student may wish to learn as much as they can and have the possible of becoming the next Einstein but they may just be a little messy when it comes to the way they dress.

Should they be punished and effectively prevented from learning because of this? I think not.

No Hugging Rule

Again I do understand the reasoning behind this rule as it tries to reduce the chance that things may go too far between students but it is simply ineffective.

If the students want to do these kinds of activities and take things further they’ll find a way. Stopping them hugging won’t prevent this.

I think a simple hug is a natural way for people to express themselves and is part of a child’s learning experience.

No Phone in Hallways

I can fully understand and agree with that phones should be turned off inside the classroom but why extend this rule for the hallways?

To me this doesn’t make sense. Of course if students are shouting on their phones in the hallway then they need to tone it down a little but I do not believe banning phones completely in hallways is the answer.

ID Cards

I haven’t experienced this personally but some schools force their students to have an ID card and use it around their neck.

In my opinion this seems completely over the top and simply not required.

I can understand some schools need their students to have IDs but why force them to use them around their necks?

No Lunches for Friends Rule

This rule made me laugh. Again, I have not seen this first hand myself but have read about it. seemingly some schools will only allow parents to bring a lunch box for their own child. If they want to hand a lunch box to a friend’s child then it is against the rules.

I’m sorry but this is ridiculous. I’m sure there is some silly health and safety rule behind this but it comes to a point where parents and students can’t do anything without break some kind of rule.

In my opinion schools need to start to relax a little and let their students learn.

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