continue Your Shelves Better by Painting Them on a Regular Basis

What factors should do keep in mind when printing the shelves in your house? The first thing to determine is whether you intend to paint a wooden shelf or a metal shelf. This will affect the choice of paint.

You can also opt for polish instead of paint if you want to retain the original color of the wood and protect it from insects, bugs and termites. There’s no such thing as the original color of metal and you can choose just any paint.

You should use sandpaper to use down spots where rust or dirt has accumulated on the shelves. There are different types of sandpapers obtainable in the market for wood and for metal. You must buy the right one to avoid damage to the shelf.

Once this is done, it is time to dust the shelf properly. Most of us ignore this requirement as it is too boring. However, the presence of dust on the shelf – wooden or mental- can considerably impair the quality of the painting job. The dust will come loose and the paint will fall off. This will expose the original surface. This will defeat the basic purpose of the job.

Once dusting is done, it is time to paint the shelves. Make sure the first coat dries out completely before you begin the second coat. typically, not more than two coats are required for any shelf. However, you can paint it as many number of times as you want depending upon your requirements and preferences.

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