Conference Calls Can Multiple Profits for MLM’s

Conference Calls Can Multiple Profits for MLM’s

The lifeblood of multi-level marketing organizations (MLM’s) is its downline or membership. It is a continued activity to recruit, aim and motivate the downline in order to sell product and build the organization. Many MLM’s have found that employing conference calling to accomplish these objectives has produced extremely vibrant results. consequently, here are five applications that use teleconferencing to build your MLM and make it a successful and thriving venture.

Recruiting – Conference calls can and should be used to recruit new downline. These calls should be the responsibility of the existing downline so that they can continue to build their own downline. Each member should take out their own twenty party conference account. They should schedule thirty minute conference calls in the evenings from 6-9 PM in as many days as they can get possible members to attend.

A typical call would work like this: The moderator or current member would great number the call and invite at the minimum ten possible members to the call. To get ten attendees, you might have to invite thirty possible prospects. You can get prospects by email, online and personal marketing. You have all of the parties dial your conference telephone number and input their pass code. After everyone is connected, the moderator would begin the call. The first part of the call is dedicated to introducing the organization and the opportunity for income to the new prospects. Examples are then given of how much money has been made by existing members and how successful they are. Sometimes, testimonials are given personally by these members. The conclusion of the call is to close the new prospect on buying into the MLM with the initial buy of a sales kit. An example of results for each conference call of one successful organization follows: Ten parties attend and listen to the call, three to four parties are interested and one to two parties buy the $165. sales kit. This organization by this conference calling procedure recruited thousands of new downline over a two year period.

The conference call accounts would be the responsibility of each member and each member would keep up their own calls and do their own marketing.

Motivational Meetings – The headquarters and the various regional heads of the MLM should keep up motivational conference calls to stimulate the downline and inspire them to action. These calls are typically large 60 minute calls, from 100 to 5000 parties and they include much hoopla and celebration. After the introductions, the inspirational success stories are personally related to the audience, followed by awards and much applause. Typically large bonus or commission checks are handed out to impress the downline. At the conclusion of the call, a challenge with incentives is made to the downline to motivate them to sell more product for the MLM.

These large calls should be attended by a conference company operator that can place the call in “listen only” mode when the hosts are talking and then place the call in “interactive” when everyone can hear the applause and excitement of the group. The operator can also mute any lines on the call that are trying to interfere or disrupt the call. The operator can do polling and perform “Q&A” sessions. The use of a conference company operator is recommended for their experience with these calls and costs only an hourly fee for the labor. Also observe, for these large conferences that free sets should not be used because of the contention problems. During the busy hours in the evenings when these large calls are held, the number of people using free sets are so large that they busy out the conference bridges. You can’t provide to have half of your conferees not being able to attend the call. You should use a flat rate, monthly service, where you pay one fee per month for all of your calls and get a reassurance that the conference provider can manager the large quantity of your calls.

Sales Webinars – One of the best methods to sell the products and sets of the MLM is by the downline using sales webinars. With the arrival of web conferencing sets over the Internet, MLM members can keep up webinars with their prospects and never have to leave their home. They just need a home computer/laptop and a good Internet connection and they are in business.

With the use of web conferencing, the great number can show PowerPoint slides, characterize websites and forms, play videos and use the whiteboard to illustrate principles and calculations. Q&A can be done with the web tool and individual chat can be used to communicate with individual conferees.

The webinar sets can be purchased on a per minute basis or a prescription basis, i.e. one flat rate per month based upon the number of seats needed for your typical webinar. A conference company operator can be employed at an hour rate to run the controls of your webinar while you and your co-moderators focus on the content.

Heckler Line – The heckler line is the use of a conference company operator to monitor any or every conference call in an effort to eliminate any hecklers or persons who are trying to disrupt the calls. For a simple hourly fee, an operator can quickly clarify which line is making the noise and mute that line. On large calls, it can be multiple parties generating the disturbances. The operator will quickly put an end to such distractions.

Sub Conferencing – MLM’s can utilize sub conferencing within their large conference calls to break out different subgroups based upon geography, product line or organizational divisions so that they can have their own internal discussions that relate specifically to that subgroup. After the subgroups have finished their separate discussions, they can all be rejoined back into the one large call to proceed on to the next topic.

The sub conferencing characterize is achieved by a conference company operator, who would be summoned at the appropriate time by the great number to begin the division of the large call into subgroups. At the conclusion of the subgroup conferences, the great number would be summoned again to restore the call back into one large group.

There you have them, five teleconferencing applications for MLM’s that can help them recruit, motivate and sell products and sets, leading to building an extremely successful and profitable organization.

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