Complying with Environmental Law – What Municipalities Must Know

Complying with Environmental Law – What Municipalities Must Know

Government agencies are no longer exempt from environmental laws and a city or municipality must know those laws if they are to make decisions without getting themselves into trouble or cut off from County or Federal Funding. consequently, every city must understand that the water and air pollution they create, they are legally responsible for. It’s time for cities to clean up their act.

To help further illuminate this topic, I would like to recommend a very good book to read, especially if you are a city council person, attorney, industrial business owner, city employee or environmental non-profit member:

“Municipal Environmental Compliance Manual” Edited by Lisa Dowden and John McNurney. 1995.

observe: additional authors included are; Todd W. Filsinger, Mark S. Hegedus, Susanna M. Higgins, David A. Kahl, Mark Keyworth, David Kolker, Wendy S. Lader, Susan K. Lawson, and the folks at R.W. Beck in Denver Colorado.

In this book you will be introduced to the realities of where the EPA starts, stops and where the cities are to follow the letter of the law. The book has chapters on NPDES permits, oil and fuel management, hazardous waste and god forbid; Superfund Sites. Of course, there are chapters on other things such as pesticides, asbestos, air quality and safe drinking water; all of which are clearly paramount to the safety and welfare of the people.

Cities must have a good understanding of these things when buying and selling real estate, zoning, making city ordinances and rules for businesses and residences, otherwise the city can be liable for millions, or in some situations billions in fines from other agencies.

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