Committing Animal Cruelty Under Intoxication: Looking Into Another Asp…

Committing Animal Cruelty Under Intoxication: Looking Into Another Asp…

Driving Under Influence (D.U.I) is a very shared offense not only in USA but around the globe. It is simply breaking the law by driving a ‘means’ under the influence of intoxication above permitted level. The safe limit of intoxication while driving is 0.08% or less.

The punishment will depend on how each state defines the term ‘means’. In the state of Washington a means basically refers to a motor pushed means. As a consequence driving a buggy under intoxication will not be prosecuted under the DUI law. The same offense would have received prosecution in the state of Oregon.

It is no surprise why an offender gets charged for Driving Under Influence merely for riding a horse under intoxication. In such a case a person may be charged under animal cruelty laws too. Driving Under Influence and animal cruelty laws vary from state to state.

The Driving Under Influence law has several degree of penalties based on the number of times an offender has committed the offense.

  • First time offender– minimum 28 hours in jail any extend to 7 days. The rest is probation for 11 months 29 days. Maximum fine of $1500. Loss of driver license or a restricted license.
  • Second time offenders– Ineligible for already restricted driver license. Minimum 45 days in jail. Probation period remains continued.
  • Third time offender– 120days in jail (minimum). Upto $10000 fine. Privileges a re revoked as a driver for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 10 years.
  • Fourth offense– 150 days in jail and remainder of the sentence in probation. You are banned from driving for a minimum of 5 years.

In Tennessee for example cruelty to animal is treated as Class-A misdemeanor or a Class-E felony. Acts of cruelty can be of the following types –

  • Transports or imprisons an animal in violation of the legal minimum hypothesizedv by the state.
  • Inflicts burns, cuts or any other form of injuries no matter at any rate has been the method, etc.

After you have been convicted of DUI in the Tennessee you require SR-22 insurance. Insurance premium is high due to the risk factor associated with the person insured. In case you are being charged for riding a horse under intoxication in Tennessee contact a Tennessee Drunk Driver. Animal cruelty combined with DUI law will make your case complicated. This is because the term ‘means’ is ambiguous which can be sued in your favor.

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