Commander of the Universe

Commander of the Universe

As human beings, our relationship with the Universe/Creator is so powerful that we can not ignore it. This is the single most important relationship that we will develop. I hear people saying all the time we all must be humble, and show humility. I do not like these words. Humility? This information alone sounds so negative. Humbleness? Why do I have to be humble? I am not telling you to go out and be arrogant, as that is the direct opposite of what I believe. I believe you should be confident and sure of yourself as an individual, but not arrogant. If you become arrogant, and you think you know everything, then you can no longer grow and develop as an individual.

One of my favorite sayings comes from a speaker by the name of Walter Bond a former NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks. He says: “Confidence is Arrogance under control.” Basically, what he is saying is that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. If you cross the line into arrogance, then you will stop growing and developing as a person. Notice that he does not say you should be arrogant, and neither do I. We are both telling you to be confident in yourself, and your own ability. These thoughts come up in my head because as I teach my students, I frequently notice that they are not sure of themselves at all. Instead they are complete of self doubt and criticism for themselves. In the long run, they are defeating themselves before they get started, because they do not believe they can be successful. When you start a project, you must be sure that you are already there, that you own that goal, and you have already achieved it. In our everyday lives we are surrounded by well meaning people who keep telling us that we can not do things that we must think realistically, and not reach for such lofty goals. In the end, other people’s opinions do not matter. The only person who can say whether or not you are right is you, and you will know whether or not your plan is right for you. You are responsible for your own life, and your own successes or failures.

As I was developing myself intuitively and spiritually, some of my friends made fun of my beliefs. At first I was upset and tried to convince them that I was right. What I finally realized is that it does not matter what they think or what they believe. What matters is what is in my heart. There is an old saying that goes like this: “One third of the people will love you, one third of the people will not like you at all, and the last third will be indifferent”. So my question to you is, why waste your energy on trying to convince people that do not believe? It will only continue to drag you down and keep you from achieving your goals in life. Keep like minded people around you so you can proportion your experiences with each other and learn from each other. Like minded people will give you encouragement, and help you along the way.

Recently a good friend of mine told me that she had been told that she was a commander of the universe. I said to her, “That is awesome”! She told me that this statement makes her feel uncomfortable. She does not feel that she should tell the god/universe/goddess anything, and if she asks for anything she should be polite. I agree that you should be polite but that does not make you any less a commander of the universe. My point is, whoever told her she was a commander of the universe has probably used a bad choice of words, but I believe we can be commanders of our universe and have the strength to control reality. The god/goddess/universe/creator, or at all event you want to call the higher being wants a relationship with us, we are all spiritual beings of the Universe! Would you treat your mother with disrespect when asking her for something? Would you treat your best friend or spouse with disrespect when asking them for something? I would certainly hope not. So you should also treat the higher beings with respect in addition, right? You see, you are a “God” in addition, and part of a bigger family and as a consequence you have to treat that family with respect as you would anyone else. When you ask the universe for something you should know and expect that it will come, but you should also realize that the universe/creator/God/Goddess will be working on your request, right along with you.

So let’s go back to humbleness and humility. I think that this is a bad choice of words, and we should really look at what we are saying. Should we approach the universe with such humbleness and humility that we are not sure if we deserve what we are asking for, and not sure that we will get it? I do not think so. I believe we should be confident and sure that we will receive what we ask for, and love and respect ourselves enough that we should certainly be sure that we deserve what we ask for. Be courteous to others and treat them with respect but do not be humble.



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