Clash of the Servers: Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting

Clash of the Servers: Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting

If you’re planning to set afloat your own site, the first tough decision you would encounter is what operating system the server will run. It is up to you to estimate what hosting server to use based on your requirements and the budget. Your decision may also depend upon the language used to build the site. If you’re thinking of using ASP.Net language the best choice would be Window hosting, but if the website is to be built using PHP and MySQL, then your first preference should be Linux hosting. For people who are fairly knowledgeable about the various hosting servers or for those who already have a preference this may be of little use but for those who are new to working with hosting servers this article is a good starting point.

Advantages of Windows hosting

If you’re a beginner, Windows hosting is much easier to use. You won’t have to learn a great deal just to run your website. As already stated, for websites that are developed with ASP.Net language, Windows hosting is the only choice obtainable. It is not possible to use Linux servers with this scripting language. A windows hosting makes it possible to use Microsoft based products and sets. If you are using or planning to use Microsoft’s SharePoint sets for your business purposes then Windows hosting is the only option for you or to put it in general terms any product developed by Microsoft will need to be run on Windows servers. Also if you are planning to use progressive interactive sets like chat engines or searchable database then Windows is the recommended server. The final and the most important advantage of using Windows hosting is that it is not too expensive and it also provides updates to help ensure protection of the servers in use. So, for people who are absolute beginners to the world of webhosting, Windows hosting service would, without any doubt, be the ideal choice.

Advantages of Linux hosting

Linux is a good option for those who are looking for stability, flexibility and security. Linux hosting may not be as user-friendly as Windows, but it’s no rocket science or a very complicated task as many portray. the time of action of uploading and setting up of the server is similar or as easy as setting up a Windows server. Linux servers are also preferred because of its efficiency, it is believed that its 50% more efficient and can manager more load than any other server types. So if you are expecting a large inflow of traffic and want to prevent frequent shutdowns then Linux is a better option. Linux being an open-source platform, you can find many forums providing patches and solutions to frequently occurring problems. This is useful when you are searching for a tool and it is not obtainable; there are many developers who are ready to provide free tools and solutions for free. Another advantage of choosing Linux is that it’s very popular among web developers and programmers because scripting languages like PHP, MySQL and Perl are easier to use and will run better in Linux hosting sets.

All in all, the basic factor in deciding which platform you need is based on what applications you want on your website. For example, if you want to include a blogging site with WordPress or a forum like phpBB, then Linux will be apt choice, however if you want to use MSSQL then it is better to use Windows.

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