Chicken Ark Choices – 3 Top Decisions You Need To Make

Chicken Ark Choices – 3 Top Decisions You Need To Make

Your chicken ark should be planned before it is ever built. This will allow you to build it with maximum assistance. You’ll also be able to eliminate several costly problems down the road.

Location, Location, Location

This is just as important in chicken ark construction as it is in the business world. The layout of water in your yard during bad weather is a chief consideration. You don’t want your chicken ark flooding. The next consideration should be the land itself. You want it in a comparatively flat area. If you don’t have one you’ll need to make one.

Your chicken ark will need to have protections – both from predators and from the elements – so that your hens are safe. You will also want easy access to resources – such as food storage, water, and possibly electricity.


You will need to decide what materials to build your chicken ark out of. You can often get away with cutting costs based on your decisions of materials – like discount or fragment lumber. You’ll have to insulate the coop if you have cold seasons.

The size of your chicken ark is another meaningful consideration. The bigger the coop – the more the materials you will need. It’s better to have a coop to big than too small. How you wish to decorate it will also affect the materials used – but you don’t have to get expensive with decorations to make it fancy. It can be done cheap and nevertheless look good.

The choice of base will affect the cost and should really be chosen based on where you live, the climate, etc. You’ll also need to consider the cost involved. Your choice of fixed or portable will also have quite an impact.


You should know what kind of supplies you are going to use and where to get them. This includes the satisfy, nest box bedding, the chickens themselves, accessories for your coop, etc. Take a look around at prices and reputation and make a list of vendors where you’ll be getting your supplies.

Keep in mind the tools needed – both in building the chicken ark and to clean and continue your hens. You want to keep your birds clean and healthy – this will require a daily maintenance.

One of the biggest factors here is the choice on whether to build it, buy it pre-fabricated, or to buy it whole. Buying it whole is the most expensive option. Pre-fabricated you have to assemble. Building it yourself gives you the most control out of the complete course of action – and can be very cost affective.

There are many more considerations when building your chicken ark – but these are easily three of the top choices that you will have to make.

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