Causes of Bed Sores

Individuals who are bedridden may be at great risk for developing bed sores. Bed sores are ulcers that form on an individual’s skin when the blood supply to the skin is cut off for several hours. This without of blood may cause the skin to die and decay, which is when the ulcer forms.

Bed sores often occur in nursing homes because nursing home attendants fail to uphold their duties to care for their patients. When this happens, patients in assisted living facilities may suffer harsh injuries stemming from these bed sores, including infections and blood loss.

An individual may suffer a bed sore under several circumstances. As before stated, an individual’s blood supply to certain areas of the body may be cut off, resulting in the death of the affected tissue. In other situations, perspiration and other bodily fluids retained in dirty sheets may break down the skin.

The easiest way to prevent these sores is to get out of bed each day. At the very least, an individual should not stay in one position while in bed. Some individuals may need assistance rolling over, which is a nursing home accompanying’s job.

Attendants in assisted living facilities should also ensure that their patients are bathed regularly and have clean sheets on their beds. Proper hygiene can greatly reduce the likelihood of a resident developing dangerous ulcers and other complications.

When an assisted living facility accompanying fails to offer proper care to his or her patients and patients develop sores and ulcers as a consequence, the nursing home may be accountable for these injuries. An affected individual’s family may be able to sue for financial compensation.

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