Buildingstars Franchise Opportunity Review

Buildingstars Franchise Opportunity Review

Nowadays, the commercial cleaning industry is growing day by day. Buildingstars offers a rare patent pending business form that makes its franchise different from others. The following review will help you learn more about this franchise system.

About Buildingstars

Buildingstars has offered its high quality sets in the commercial market since 1994. It started offering franchises in 2000. Its range of customers includes offices, medical, financial and educational institutions. With its main office is in St. Luis and branches in many places like Houston, Phoenix and Chicago. It has more than 100 franchises all over United States. With a rapidly growing network, it is emerging as a leader in the industry. It provides consistent, courteous and is moving with the times providing sets by its green star program. Over time, it has innovated different service programs like Touch Free restrooms, Green Star program and Rising Star program, a proprietary management program.

Benefits Of A Buildingstars Franchise

Buildingstars is focused on the commercial cleaning business. The need in the industry is continuously growing and Buildingstars assures you to unprotected to the goal of business ownership with its Smart Start program. There are many benefits and advantages of becoming a franchisee of Buildingstars –

·It offers you the most progressive business form in the industry and competitive business attributes.

·With the low initial investments, you can start your business by Buildingstars franchise without a large capital outlay.

·As a leading cleaning sets company in the industry, offers a methodic growth plan.

·It offers complete sustain of training and provides various programs which help you setup your business with proper guidance.

·It gives current sustain by frequent meetings, newsletters, toll-free numbers and internet sustain.

Buildingstars Franchise Costs

Buildingstars provides a very low investment franchise option. Its franchise fee is $995. The royalty fee is 10%. You have to invest in equipment and supplies. This business was produced to be home based and there is no need to invest in an initial setup of an outside office. The total initial investment ranges from $2000 to $42000. It offers agreement of 5 years and can be renewed after 5 years.

Buildingstars is a viable franchise option for entrepreneurs looking to start a business with low investment and high need. As with any franchise offering it is important to estimate all your options prior to making a decision. The strengths with Buildingstars lies in the low-cost, proven programs, methodic approach to client acquisition and the ability to extent your business effectively.

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