Automobile Mechanic Negligence

Automobile Mechanic Negligence

There are few situations where the imbalance of knowledge between two parties leads to the creation of an thoroughly unavoidable and independent market. The healthcare industry offers one example of this occurrence because all men and women encounter episodes of and moments of medical need and the human body is far too complicated to allow an untrained individual to safely diagnose or treat most illnesses and injuries. Another example, despite the efforts of diligent parents everywhere to prepare their children for the responsibilities of owning a means, is found in the automotive industry. Most people are thoroughly at the mercy of mechanics, and when they are negligent in their duty, catastrophe can strike.

To put into perspective just how complicated car repair can be and how detached from understanding a means owner can become, one need only think about the variety of shops that exist to service automobiles. Some establishments are only equipped and trained to manager diagnostics and repairs for the cars and trucks produced by specific manufacturers. Others deal only with tires. Similarly limited businesses are centered on brakes, transmissions, suspensions, tires, and however others focus solely on windshields and automotive glass. With such an entangled constellation of so-called experts, the complete situation can be more than a little daunting for a car owner.

Accidents Due to Mechanic Negligence

Unfortunately, just as car owners depend upon auto mechanics to honestly and precisely clarify the source of their means’s problems, they also must accept the claim that all necessary repairs have been successfully performed. That is, of course, after an amount of money that is often quite meaningful has already been tendered. It seems like a fair exchange because you walk out of the store with the belief that the work that you had done will help to prevent accidents, which will in turn save you a important sum in the long run.

As you may have now discovered, though, that faith is sometimes misplaced, and it is not until an accident occurs that the failure becomes noticeable. Examples of mechanic negligence that may cause a crash or cause other harsh damage to your care include:

  • Failure to connect brake light wiring
  • Improper mounting of tires
  • Failure to clarify and correct serious safety hazards
  • Unintentional severing of fluid lines (transmission, brake, etc)
  • The use of incompatible parts
  • Incorrect installment of brakes or other parts and systems

Fair Compensation

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