Australian Magnet Generator – A New Choice For Home different Energy

Australian Magnet Generator – A New Choice For Home different Energy

Two inventors in Australia have managed to come up with a magnetic electric generator that truly works! Their invention which is becoming known as the ‘Australian magnet generator’ produces five times as much electricity than it consumes. This basically method free electricity!

It would seem that the days of solar strength as the number-one different energy choice are numbered. Although very popular, solar strength is limited in the amount of energy that it can produce. Most home solar strength setups only produce a minimal amount of electricity.

The Australian magnet generator however can produce enough electricity to strength your whole house!

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already built as and have said goodbye to expensive electricity bills.

Notice how I said ‘built’ and not ‘bought’. These magnetic electric generators are not for sale and have to be built yourself. It’s not as hard as you may think thanks to the detailed plans that are obtainable to buy on the Internet for as little as $50.

As long as you have basic DIY experience, it is comparatively easy to build the Australian magnet generator within two or three days. All the parts and materials needed to build it can be bought at any good DIY store.

It really is an ideal DIY project. If you haven’t built one before I recommend building a smaller version first and testing it out. Once you know that it works you can then build the complete-size version and get rid of your electricity supply forever!

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