Ampegy LLC Review – Spark Energy Electricity and Natural Gas Opportuni…

Ampegy LLC Review – Spark Energy Electricity and Natural Gas Opportuni…

Ampergy LLC is a division of Spark Energy. Spark Energy is based in Houston, Texas and is an independent supplier of electricity and natural gas with a presence in 15 states. Keith Maxwell established Spark Energy in 1999, and filed trademark registration for Ampegy in November, 2010. Chief Marketing Officer Steve Smith’s background is with Excel Communications, the youngest billion dollar company in history. What does this average to your chance to become one of his next millionaires or simply save money on your utility bills?

Ampegy LLC Business Opportunity

From small beginnings in a 300 square foot office, Spark Energy has grown to 300 employees as one of the largest independent energy companies in the United States.

Currently, electrical and natural gas service is obtainable in 7 states: California, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Connecticut. 9 adjoining states are listed as possible growth candidates. Residential in addition as commercial and industrial service is obtainable, broadening the possible market for distributors.

The multilevel dispensing form includes unlimited down line over rides. Based on the Marketing Officer’s past experience with Excel Communications during deregulation of telephone service, this may be a good basis for comparison with Ampegy LLC’s effort to capitalize on utilities deregulation.

According to Wikipedia, Excel was the youngest company ever to join the New York Stock Exchange in 1996, and the quickest growing billion dollar company in history at 8 years, compared to next fastest growing Microsoft at 15 years to reach a billion dollars.

The founder and CEO of Excel retired and the company was acquired and later spun off. Price competition in the deregulated telephone market increased, and in 2004 the parent company filed bankruptcy to be released from contracts with representatives, allowing it to receive revenue from customers without paying commissions. The company has been acquired twice since emerging from bankruptcy.

Ampegy LLC Compensation Plan

There are two entry levels for distributors, $49.95 and $399.90, plus $19.95 per month marketing sustain and the cost of the Business Building Kit. At the lower entry level, reps are only paid on personal sales. Compensation is based on energy consumption, number of active customers enrolled and number of representatives sponsored. Additional compensation includes fast start and business development bonuses.

$100 fast start bonuses are earned in 3 ways: 1) enroll 3 customers including yourself in the first 30 days, 2) enroll 10 customers in the first 30 days, and 3) sponsor someone who enrolls 3 customers in the first 30 days.

Based on my personal residential usage of 500 KwH last month, over six months commissions based on usage would be $4.25.

Reps are given two web sites, one for sponsoring reps and the second for enrolling customers.

Ampegy LLC Complaints

California is listed as a covered area on the map, in addition when I checked my zip code for pricing the reply was: “We are sorry. Service is not obtainable in this particular market. Please make sure you entered the zip code correctly or try a new zip code in the box above.” My zip code did not work at the Spark Energy web site either, with instructions to check the map again, though the map shows coverage for my state.

There is an Ampegy Forum that shows uncommon results. Perhaps the forum is new and not in addition populated with users and actual information. For example some information processors use gibberish sample text as placeholders, and I did not create a user name to search further but did click the banner to check for a natural gas price quote. The page displayed shows the following nonsensical sentence under the heading Natural Gas Energy: “When nearly live get information the terminal figure physical chatter vigour, they someway seem to cerebrate from practising this intelligent chew the fat, they are easing the surround.”

If this company takes off, the growth could be exceptional. Who do you know who doesn’t use electricity? There could be price competition from other deregulated suppliers, but the management team seems experienced in building companies quickly in this ecosystem. It may be wise to confirm availability of service and stability of the company before making commitments.

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