Alcohol Tester – Types and Benefits

Alcohol testers also called as breathalyzer was first produced in the early 1950’s. It provided quick results to probe a person’s level of intoxication. This device was produced by Dr. Robert Brokenstein. Alcohol detectors measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) by indirectly measuring alcohol in person’s breath.

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue which should be closest taken care of. It is seen that most people usually hesitate to let in that they are addicted to alcohol. Addiction of alcohol can have various bad effects on a person’s life, and also the people around him. There are many unhealthy consequences of this addiction that can take your life, or put others lives at high risk. It is a known fact that it is not easy to get rid of this addiction. It brings about an unwanted change in the life of a normal person. For such kind of people to have an alcohol tester with them, at all times, for their personal use is very necessary as it helps them to get rid of the addiction by slowly cutting down on alcohol consumption.

Alcohol detectors are made in such a way that anyone can use it for his personal or commercial purpose. It is very easy to find one’s BAC just by blowing your breath in this small device. The results attained from this is quite accurate and precise. It can also be used in the field of law as a method of providing evidence.

Alcohol testers can be of the following three types.

The Alcosensor – This instrument measures the BAC quantity in blood. It is based on a fuel cell technology and can sustain extreme field conditions. It is very functional to use.

Intoxilyzer – These are based on infrared (IR) spectroscopy and recognizes ethanol by measuring the absorption of IR lights by bonds of change in wavelengths of ethanol. These are generally used when a person is suspected of DUI and has been brought to the police stop.

Breathalyzer – Breathalyzers are the most widely commonly utilized alcohol detectors to measure the BAC by measuring a person’s breath. These devices are easy to function, functional and provide quick results. These are generally used by officers to inspect drunken driving.

These alcohol testers help in providing a quick and simple way to check alcohol misuse on roads, highways, workplaces, schools etc. For the well being of the society, alcohol testers play a very important role by preventing many damages that can be caused as a consequence of excessive alcohol consumption. Without alcohol testers it would be very difficult to continue and discipline the behavior of people on roads while driving.

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