Alcohol Addiction – A Social Evil

There is a group of who start using alcohol to excursion away the sorrows and pains of life, while others turn to it because they know not any other way. Most alcohol addicts give the reason that alcohol gives them a strength to confront the challenges and difficulties of life. The functional theory behind this feeling is that alcohol can generate illusions and hallucinations in the minds of people and they are taken to another world where they forget the real world worries, and tensions. Sinking in this dream world, they start loving alcohol to an extent that they can’t already imagine being without alcohol.

The effects of alcohol addiction are long lasting. The unhealthy effects are never limited to the individual; rather the time of action of society is forced to suffer the consequences. Alcohol addiction sends out a red signal by producing physical ailments and mental disturbances in the individual. already then it is not the individual but the associated ones that realizes the danger and think of how to help the diseased stop drinking alcohol.

unhealthy results of alcohol addiction start with physical damage to kidney, liver, heart and almost all internal organs. It starts carving the walls of intestine. Loss of appetite, vomiting, dizziness, nausea etc. are some among the numerous difficulties felt by the addict. He slowly starts losing memory and faint often due to without of sleep. The physical turn up and facial turn up become too ugly.

Worst of all ill effects is the interference in his social and personal life. He fails to execute his duties and responsibilities. Instead of being a sustain, he becomes a burden to his family. Peace of the family is disturbed and they become the centre of criticism for the complete society. The place of his work is another area affected badly. You start to have serious backlogs at work and co-workers are humiliated. Everyone dependent on him will be forced to take the pains of experiencing and clearly live by the aftermath.

Social peace is disturbed. When alcohol addiction haunts a person, he will start engaging in criminal activity. Slowly he changes into an anti-social component and none will dare to get acquainted with him. He is secluded and this adds up the fury. His evil behaviour shoots up and a criminal is born.

Several methods are obtainable that will teach people how to stop drinking alcohol. De-addiction centres play a major role in bringing them back to life. Medicines that make them feel the taste of alcohol will inculcate a feeling of hesitance towards the drug. But the major problem in dealing with alcohol by medicine is that, their going be a drug dependency or the forceful withdrawal could rule to many related problems. These efforts of not carried out in a specialized manner can cause more harm than good. This later addiction is a basic factor to be dealt with.

Hypnosis is the best method to slowly change the attitude of the individual towards liquor. The hypnosis therapy slowly operates on the minds of the addicts by relaxation empty of medicines, thereby showing him the path of recovery. The thoughts are deviated to productive areas by hypnotherapy techniques and he is slowly brought back to normal life.

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