Air Supply Performs for Westbury Fans for 26th Consecutive Year

Air Supply Performs for Westbury Fans for 26th Consecutive Year

Twenty six years ago, I had just seen my first Air Supply concert in Phoenix, Arizona. I was just 11 years old. Who knew that so many years later Air Supply would nevertheless be performing to sold-out crowds or that they would have had a 26-year run at the same venue?

My second show in as many nights, I was really looking forward to Westbury. I had heard great things about this venue including that it was cozy, there wasn’t a bad seat in the house, the stage revolved and it was a lot of fun. This year, the show played as a ‘half round’, and didn’t revolve. consequently, only half the seats were sold so as not to not have patrons looking at the backs of Jed Moss, Jonni Lightfoot and Mike Zerbe.

John Waite opened for Air Supply. His performance was energized and the crowd really got revved up when he sang his hit “Missing You”. He and his band played a dozen songs and John Waite was very friendly with the audience. A few people yelled out to him wanting to hear certain songs, and he responded to them personally, much like Billy Ocean did the night before. John and his band had to do a little huddle after each song because as he told the audience, they just changed their set list and lost it, so they had no idea which songs were supposed to be next. It was rather enjoyable to see a show not so formalized by a set list. It made the evening much more relaxed and audience friendly. The audience really enjoyed John Waite’s performance and they put on a great show.

Air Supply came out and true to their set list performed all the hits we know, love and have come to expect. Although the audience was singing along and clapping, they were a little reserved. Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell always have a way of bringing any crowd into the Love Zone and by the time Russell sang “The whispers of the morning…,” people were on their feet. Of course as soon as Russell stepped into the audience for The One That You Love, people were chasing him up and down the aisles, and Sparky had to quickly step in and manage the crowd.

Westbury did not disappoint. Thank you to Russell, Graham, Jed, Mike, Jonni, Sparky, Brett, Moe, Nate and Mark. The show was great, the lighting and sound spectacular and the fans came out and once again enjoyed and famous Air Supply’s great music and longevity.

Successful relationships are defined by loyalty and commitment. Fans have shown their loyalty by continuing to come to Westbury to see and hear Air Supply and they, in turn, have demonstrated their continued commitment to Westbury and their fans by coming back year after year. How can you argue the strength of a relationship lasting 26 years?

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