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History of Aero Panel Corporation Electronic Parts:

Aero Panel Corporation and INSCO serve a different worldwide customer base. The companies are two separate entities, but have certain shared ownership. Since 1999 both companies have operated under a facilities sharing agreement. Both companies proportion a 30,000 square foot manufacture facility in Boonton, New Jersey on 2 ½ acres of land. Both companies are recognized as leading designers and manufactures of illuminated displays and custom equipment, shipboard equipment and other accuracyn instrumentation that includes design and manufacture of complicate integrated control and switch panels.

About Aero Panel Corporation Electronic Parts and Its Product Range:

The product segments of Aero Panel are integrated control panels, illuminated panels, electroluminescent panels, audio panels, and insco controls. The integrated controls produce panels to meet specific customer needs. The control panels provide dominant data entry channels for equipment’s users in communication, navigation flight control, fire control, mission management and other basic system capabilities. The integrated control panel can be provided with lighting which is NVG compatible, electrominescent, LED or Incandescent. The panels could include the following elements to fit customers’ needs: function specific switches, alpha/numeric keyboard switches, info/data select switches, rotary control function switches, brightness/contrast controls, fault indicators & enunciators, and photo brightness sensors. Aero Panel produces illuminated displays for the following applications: NASA Space Shuttle, Military Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft, Ship Board Equipment, Ground sustain Equipment, and Air Traffic Control Equipment. Some of the advantages of their displays are they offer noticeable clarity, durability, color range, delineation and balanced illumination.

The advantages of the panels include sharp, accurate reproduction of all nomenclature signs and any photographically reproducible markings, superior contrast of nomenclature with background, wide color range, single or multi-colors on black or colored background, excellent resistance to solvents, humidity, abrasives, flexibility, economical, and revision of artwork possible. The illuminated panels produce panels to meet customer’s specific needs. The following panels include the following series: kind III, IV, V, and VI. The kind III is one piece plastic panels be make up of consistently one sheet of plastic, utilize MS 25010 lighting assemblies for illumination. The kind IV is integrally-wired incandescent panels that be make up of consistently plastic with wiring and lamps encased within the panel. The kind V are two piece panel assembly that be make up of consistently plastic front sheet with attaching printed circuit board containing lamps, circuitry and connectors. The kind VI is panels illuminated by electroluminescent (E-L) lamps.

INSCO USA is a company that works with Aero panel Corporation. They also design and manufacture instrument characterize elements and control devices using materials, elements and finished that meet progressive commercial and military system requirements. They develop solutions they provide for are NASA Space Shuttle, Military Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft, Ship Board Equipment, Ground sustain Equipment, and Air Traffic Control Equipment. They produce high quality instruments for: temperature, torque, PSI or pressure, tachometers, volts, amps, fuel gauging, warning systems, and multi-function gauges.

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