AeroControlex – Believes in Innovation by accuracyn Engineering

AeroControlex – Believes in Innovation by accuracyn Engineering

History of AeroControlex Aircraft Company:

AeroControlex started off in 1933 with the name Great Lakes Manufacturing in Cleveland, Ohio in 1945. Since the company started, AeroControlex has been able to establish itself as the manufacturer and designer of hydraulic, fuel, lubrication and coolant pumps. In 1993, AeroControlex additional mechanical actuators to the existing product offering. AeroControlex takes pride in custom designing engineered systems for pumps, mechanical actuators and air data sensors. At the manufacturing facility, AeroControlex also takes pride in maintaining an extensive test capability machine that allows their engineers to quickly perform development and qualification work such as temperature, altitude, humidity, shock, vibration and endurance. The facility is approximately 60,000 sq. feet and provides complete-in house capability to fabricate, assemble and test all of their products. A recent accomplishment AeroControlex made was the acquisition of Aero-Instruments. By acquiring Aero-Instruments, it gave Pitot Probes, Pitot-Static Probes, Static Pressure Ports, Angle of Attack, Temperature Sensors and Flight Test Equipment for nearly every kind of aircraft that includes commercial aircraft, military aircraft, business jets, general aviation, rotorcraft and unmanned Aerial vehicles.

About AeroControlex Aircraft Parts and Its Product Range:

The four product lines include mechanical actuators, pumps, air data sensors, and water disinfection systems. The mechanical product line consists of ball bearing control cables, sliding control cables, gearboxes, cockpit controls, tension products, nuclear, and marine. Within the mechanical actuator product line, AerocControlex offers sliding cables that refer to all push/pull assemblies which utilize an internal chief and external conduit. The sliding cables are used on virtually any application with a wide variety of configuration and sizes. The gearboxes AeroControlex offers are used in a variety of applications that include aircraft, marine and land vehicles. The cockpit controls are used in the following applications: throttle control, propeller condition control, fuel shutoff control, thrust reverser deployment, nose wheel steering control, emergency landing gear control, emergency parking brake control, gust lock control, emergency ram air turbine control, landing gear door control, flight surface control, arresting hook control, and fuel management control. The pump product line consists of fuel pumps, hydraulic pumps, lube & scavenge pumps, and coolant pumps. The air data sensor product line consists of pilot probes, pitot-static probes, static pressure probes, angle of attack, temperature sensors, flight test equipment, and large aircraft probes.

The pitot probes has the following features as part of their product line FAA TSO-C16 and military approved, electrically heated for anti-icing protection, accuracy up 600 knots, temperature range -65C to 70C, and industry leading MTBUR. The water disinfection product line consists of in-flight and ground cart. All of their products are known for having great quality and performance necessary for continued success. AeroControlex has the following certifications, AS9100 certified, FAA production Approval Holder, FAA Delegation, FAA and EASA approved repair stop. For the in-flight systems, AeroControlex has the following: no scheduled maintenance, automatic cycling on/off to continue minimum effective ozone levels, FDA approved for aircraft, FAA approved, materials tested to ensure compatibility with aircraft elements, ozone system provides complete water system disinfection, removes and inhibits bio-film in pipes and water tanks.

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