A New Generation of Cardboard Cutouts

A New Generation of Cardboard Cutouts

Didn’t you hear about the new poster buzz, the custom Wallhog or maybe the custom Fathead? Hey girls, what could be more awesome than being able to kiss a life-size picture of your boyfriend – or Taylor Lautner – when you get out of bed every morning? Or guys, how cool would it be to walk into a room and see a huge picture of your favorite rock band or ride hanging on the wall just as if it was right there? Welcome to the hottest thing to happen to a teenager’s bedroom wall since the blacklight poster – they’re called “custom Wallhog” or “custom Fathead” and they are a true innovation. And a custom Wallhog is not just for teenagers either. Guys can decorate the wall of their “man-cave” with LeBron James driving for the hoop in actual size while ladies can make large extent art out of their prized family photos.

New Life-Sized Posters

Both custom Wallhog and custom Fathead are the trade names for a new kind of poster that combines your photos with a lasting self-adhesive backing. Unlike regular posters, however, they do not only come in a single-size rectangular format. They can be cut into the silhouettes of the subject matter, so that you can remove background, leaving only the things you want to leave in. They come in a wide range of sizes that, depending on the company, run from 12 inches tall to 6 and ½ feet tall. They go up easily; although both companies stress that it’s a two person job, and requires no paste or tape to put up. They are scratch resistant, stick securely to the wall and come off easily, without damaging the wallboard or paint and leaving no residue. Despite that, they are reusable and can be hung up and taken down multiple times. Both companies allow you to select a photo from their library of photos covering a wide variety of subject matter, but you can also order a custom Wallhog and a custom Fathead using your personal photos.

The Perfect Gift

Any Custom Fathead or custom Wallhog always make great gifts. Imagine taking your child’s artwork that they are so proud of and blowing it up to a 2 x 4 foot poster they can stick on any flat wall in their room. It’s also great for photographers who want to show off their artwork. Also, a Custom Fathead or a custom Wallhog is perfect for sports fans. What fan could resist a 4 x 6 ½ foot photo of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning throwing a touchdown pass or soccer star Carlos Bocanegra going for a goal. You could just easily have a life-size photo of that special man or woman in your life to hang in your room. Both custom Fathead and custom Wallhog allows you to upload and edit your photos any way you like, so you have the perfect poster to give to a friend – or to keep for yourself. Prices for a custom Fathead or custom Wallhog a range from under $20 for the smaller sizes to over $150 for the giant ones, but you are sure to be able to find one that will fit easily into just about every budget.

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