A Clean Laptop Is a Green Laptop

Gartner estimated that the total number of laptops sold globally in 2011 was around 60 million. The figure is growing at around 15% average per year. There is a huge amount of energy that goes into the manufacturing and running of these laptops. strength consumption of a laptop can be controlled and optimized in many ways. One of the most popular ways is to do use the user end strength consumption options most manufacturers give. They allow optimized consumption and put the laptop in standby or low strength mode when it is idle. However, one of the simplest ways to reduce strength effectively is to keep the laptop clean. If dust accumulates the system cannot cool itself effectively consequently increasing risks and strength consumption.

So how do we keep the laptop clean? Let us understand that there are two objectives for keeping the laptop clean. One, it keeps the laptop looking new. Two, the laptop performs optimally when it is clean and well maintained. There are different elements of the laptop that need attention. We briefly discuss them one by one –

• Exterior: The exterior case of the laptop should be cleaned with a dry cloth. If the case is not cleaned for a long time or is dirty then a moist or slightly damp cloth can be used. If any hard to remove stains are there then spirit or alcohol can also be used specifically in the stained area.

• Keyboard and Mousepad: The keyboard is probably the most polluted part of the laptop. Before starting to clean the keyboard we need to fully strength off the laptop. Different manufacturers fix the keyboard to the housing in different ways. We should refer to the User Manual to find out how it is fixed and how it can be removed for maintenance. Some keyboards may not be removable. The outside can be cleaned in the same way as laptop exterior. Inside can be vacuumed or cleaned by compressed air or just dusted with a dry cloth.

• Motherboard, Case and Case Openings: The motherboard is a very basic part of the laptop. A soft brush or tweezers can be used to clean the dust that collects in the gaps in the housing. The case openings need to be cleaned effectively and regularly. Any clogging of the openings by which the laptop draws in cool air can create performance problems in the laptop. In case we are using compressed air to clean these openings then we have to be careful. These openings may house fans which can be damaged by compressed air.

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