5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Conference Facility

5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Conference Facility

A monthly, biannual or yearly event for a majority of businesses includes business conference meetings. A popular New Zealand destination for these events is Taupo. With a fantastic range of as a hobby attractions and dramatically lakeside and mountain views, Taupo’s central location makes it a hot identify of business meetings. The success of these meetings can often be a consequence of having found the perfect conference facility. Taupo boasts many motel establishments with specialized conference room facilities, you can easily review your options online. We have recommended five tips to consider when looking for the right business meeting facility in Taupo to great number your monthly, biannual and/or yearly business meeting.

1. Seating Design
No matter the size of the group attending, you need to ensure that the room layout is sufficient to comfortably seat everyone. Dependent on your business agenda, there are several seating arrangements to consider in relation to the size of the conference facility. Classroom style, for example, includes attendees seated at desks and facing the front of the room, this can be a preferred option if your meeting involves taking notes and watching screen presentations. Alternatively, if your meeting involves discussion and interaction with all members, a boardroom or U-shape style may be more appropriate.

2. Included Features and On-Site Equipment
Look for conference facilities that provide all the basic meeting requirements including: set up fee, tea, coffee, water, juice and mints, high-speed wireless internet, TVs, DVD, portable whiteboard with markers, presentation screens, flipchart, pens and pads. Double check the set up is included – arranging to setup such equipment and room features can be time consuming and frustrating. You can expect to pay an additional cost for particular equipment such as: over-head projectors, widescreen televisions and electronic whiteboards.

3. Lighting
An often overlooked area when booking a conference facility is the use of lighting. Finding a venue that allows for the room to be darkened if needed, but also makes use of natural light is ideal. Artificially lighting and no, or limited, natural light can be quite harsh on participants eyes during the day.

4. Presentation/Speaking Areas
If your meeting agenda involves people getting up and making presentations, ensure the conference facility includes a standing area, where all members can easily view and hear the speaker. If you are booking a large room it is suggested you include a microphone so that all members can easily hear what is being said – just make sure that you test the audio equipment prior to the meeting. Make sure there are no obstacles such as plants or cords in the way of the speaker’s path to the standing area.

5. An Outdoor Refreshment Area
Business meetings need much attention and energy from both the presenters and attendees. Look for a conference facility with a private outdoor area. The option to get some fresh air and stretch the limbs during meeting intervals can have a positive effect on the remainder of the business meeting.

With these considerations top of mind, you will be on your way to finding the perfect venue in Taupo, New Zealand.

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